texlive latex base failed to download

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 03:12:49 GMT 2008


I am having difficulty in dist-upgrade from feisty to gutsy. Using:
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -d

Everything works fine except for texlive-latex-base_2007-10_all.deb
(around 27MB).  Everytime I try apt-get it fails to download.

I then tried wget to directly download
texlive-latex-base_2007-10_all.deb but it always stops connection at
18 MB.  I tried both the ubuntu main archive and another mirror:

I am behind a proxy, I don't if my proxy limits the download size.  I
have downloaded other packages (bigger tham 27 MB) without any

Please help.


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