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Tue Mar 11 16:44:15 GMT 2008

Hello Elizabeth,

I've cc'd the rest of the Edubuntu list since other folks are apt to
have good ideas. It would be a good idea to reply to-all I think.

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Elizabeth Taylor <etaylor at> wrote:
> We are in a new University where funds are severely restricted. I am setting
>  up an Edubuntu terminal server with thin clients and also need some PCs to
>  run the Edubuntu desktop.
>  In this environment I need every safeguard possible to limit virus attacks.

1) I'll start by saying that I don't run antivirus software on
Edubuntu since I am not personally aware that virus's are a major
threat to Linux right now. This may be wrong headed or short sighted,
other folks on this list may have experience with Antivirus software
on Linux and wish to chime in. A quick google search shows me the
sparse discussion of "proof of concept virus's etc." However, I do run
antivirus software on gateway machines which handle mail, and all
machines running MS Windows. I also filter ports, review logs, and
keep my systems patched and up to date. If your Edubuntu server is not
reachable from the outside world my advice would be that you are at
little risk from virus's. Again other folks may have better advice for

>  I have invested in Sophos but it will not install directly on to Edubuntu.
>  Sophos instructions in this situation state that I need to have the source
>  code so that relevant parts of the kernel will recompile.

2) If after getting feedback from more folks you are still interested
in installing Sophos on your edubuntu server could you send us a link
to the document that sophos publishes with regard to Linux and
source-code that you are referencing? It would help to orient the

>  Because my internet connection is somewhat variable I try to use jigdo to
>  download big files, and so used it to try to download the Edubuntu source
>  using jigdo-lite and the jigdo file
>  0-src-1.jigdo
>  Since we connect to servers in Germany I used the mirror
> All seemed to go well but at the end two
>  files were missing. I, rather randomly, tried other mirrors in the debian
>  list but without finding the missing files.

3) If you can send the name of the files you are missing perhaps we
can find an alternative path to them. On the other hand you may find
that you don't need them at all to re-compile your kernel.

>  Any suggestions of where next will be helpful.
>  Elizabeth

I hope this helps a bit.


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