flash videos on Hardy

Greg Reagle greagle at citidc.com
Thu Mar 6 14:07:07 GMT 2008

Flash seems to be brought up as a problem quite frequently.  I know that
at the Edubuntu labs that I take care of (which have
flashplugin-nonfree), it's a major CPU hog and tends to make Firefox
crash.  Has anybody tried Gnash?  How is it?

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> Subject: flash videos on Hardy
> Go to youtube.com automatically get prompted to install plugin. Click
> few buttons and flash with sound works. Everything is fine on the
> But on the thin clients...
> the videos are choppy. I know that when I installed on Feisty it was
> choppy at first, but after setting LDM_DIRECTX=True it became good.
> Now the video is choppy whether LDM_DIRECTX or not.
> Can anyone offer suggestions or look into it. I have been trying to
> out about drivers etc, but I have run out of time for now.
> My network hasn't changed, and the problem persists even when the thin
> client is connected directly to the server.
> Possible things to look at are:
> 1. Changes in LDM that may make a difference?
> 2. Graphics card Drivers?
> 3. Changes in new version of Flash?
> Any other ideas?

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