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On 05/03/2008, Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote:
> > Jim's howto seems to address the ldap side only and not the smb side.
> > After installing smbldap using the Matt's installer, what changes should
> I
> > make?
> > Should I just uninstall smbldap and follow Jim's how to?
> >
> > I am a bit confused how to proceed from here. Any help gladly accepted.
> I wrote that howto mainly to focus on those who want LDAP only and don't
> want to muddy
> things up with smb.  I'm sure that with the new integrated support in
> Hardy for ldap
> authentication many things have changed for the smb/ldap installer that
> haven't yet been
> worked out.  If I remember right I think I saw Matt Oquist stating
> somewhere that
> hopefully by this version smb/ldap integration into the os would negate
> the need for a
> tool such as smb/ldap.  But I don't know if this is the case yet.  I'd
> contact David
> Trask or Matt Oquist and ask them where the smb/ldap installer is in
> relation to Hardy
> and maybe even Gutsy.
> Jim

I seem to have it working now. I can connect to ldap server and add groups
and users.

Two problems and their solutions are listed below.

a. Stop the computer from freezing before the graphical login screen comes

Edit /etc/ldap.conf and change the following lines like so:
	uri ldap://
Edit /etc/libnss_ldap.conf and change the following lines like so:
	uri ldap://
	bind_policy soft

Test using:
ldapsearch -x -b dc=hkschool,dc=dyndns,dc=ws

b. Set up smbldap to automatically allocate id numbers.
(The script was complaining that it couldn't find the object that
gives the next id number.)

run #sudo smbldap-populate

I hope this is helpful for someone. I might have left out something. I have
been trying a few things over the last day or so, but I think the essential
points are given above.

So now I should be ready to go on Hardy.
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