64 bit ltsp vs. virtualization

francois francois.barillon at free.fr
Mon Jun 23 17:28:15 BST 2008

Le lundi 23 juin 2008 à 07:49 -0700, Luis Montes a écrit :
> Now I'd like to just add this new box to the network as another ltsp 
> server using 64 bit edubuntu or fedora+ltsp, but so far my couple of 
> months with a 64 bit desktop have me thinking this might not be the
> best 
> approach.

Remembering many discuss about 64b vs 32b ltsp make me feel that there
is few power to gain and much troubles.

In order to use 16 gb ram, you can install the -server kernel and
install a 32 b server with 32b clients.



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