Dual Core - Are Both Cores Being Used?

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Sun Jun 22 19:46:13 BST 2008

Hi oe1

(ew, that could also spell Outlook Express 1!)

operationsengineer1 at yahoo.com wrote:
> how do i know both cores are being used on my amd dual core terminal server?

 From the command line, you could run:
$ cat /proc/cpuinfo

It will show you a detailed report of your CPU.

 From Gnome, you can also click on System -> Administration -> System 
Monitor. On the resources tab it will show a graph of total CPU usage, 
and the number of CPU's will be displayed right below the graph.

I like using htop (you'll have to install the htop package first though) 
to view processes and CPU load. Your mileage may vary :)

> i ran into this edubuntu testimonial
> http://manueldublan.org/computerlab/
> and noticed the following comment...
> "We setup edubunut to run with a smp kernel to use the power of both cores and that makes a huge difference."
> how does that apply to gutsy and hardy?

They should both give you smp kernels by default. The only kernel that 
doesn't give you SMP, afaik, is the plain old -i386 kernel. To check 
your running kernel, type:
$ uname -a

If it's -generic or -server, then you'll be fine.



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