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Butch Arias butch.sps at
Thu Jun 19 03:05:22 BST 2008

Thank you for the help you have been posting. Your replies are all very
helpful and clear.

Our school decided to install the 8.04 Edubuntu from scratch - I believe a
clean install will be a better choice (our first installation was the
Edubuntu 6.06 which worked perfectly). It has been almost two weeks of some
failure on my part with the 8.04.

After installation (including the add-on cd) , the computer SERVER works
with a GUI -  but the problem is that the thin clients do not have the GUI.
The LTSP works, the fact that the thin clients boot. This is surprising, the
server may not need the GUI but the students in their thin clients need the
GUI. Did I miss something in the installation? How do I configure the thin
clients to have a GUI? The GUI appears in the thin clients of both  7.04 and
7.10, so I think the thin clients should also work with the 8.04.

We expect to have over 40 thin clients (our target is 48) connected to the
server and I believe I need more than 4 GB or usable RAM. Using the generic
linux kernel, the computer recognizes only 3.5GB RAM but with 8GB installed.
Interestingly, the swap file is 9+ GB or almost 10GB which means the
installation may have recognised the 8GB (is it mem size=default swap
file?). Up to this point, the generic-flavor works well. The problem starts
after installing the server-kernel:  every time the server kernel is
installed, the whole thing freezes during the boot process and the OS needs
to be re-installed again.

I believe that the 8.04 is really great, only I (could have) made some
mistakes in the installation of the system or misunderstood the server
kernel installation - (I belonged to the generation of programmers who used
line numbers in FORTRAN in the IBM S/360). In the GRUB boot process the
optional 'esc' key shows linux-server-normal, linux-server recovery,
linux-generic normal, and linux- generic recovery modes which means the
server flavor was installed (though I believe incorrectly because the system
does not work). It is selecting the server mode (either nornal or recovery)
that causes the system to grind into a very slow movement - I tried waiting
for more than three hours and server was still booting-up. By the way, the
server kernel I used is the one found in the server cd of 8.04, because I
could not locate the server flavor neither in the alternate installation cd
nor in the add-on cd. Should I use this, or should I use another kernel -
direct from the internet?

Any help will be appreciated. Classes in the Philippines resumed two weeks
ago, and our computer laboratory is still not running - but for sure, the
promise of the  8.04 is worth all the wait.

And thank you a million indeed for all the help. More power to people like

Butch Arias

Saint Philomena School
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