7.10 Server freezing

Harry Sweet hsweet at gcsny.org
Mon Jun 16 14:13:23 BST 2008

Hey, my nephew graduated from your school last year.  
Sounds strange.  My server occasionally freezes 7.10 and now 8.04, but 
that has usually just been Gnome on the server.    You can try to use putty
to log in remotely and restart.  If that works.
You can also run top or htop to watch the thing die in realtime.  Might tell you something.
I can see when I run out of memory on my box and what processes are running.
What software are the kids running when the thing dies?
harry sweet
Goshen High School

>>> Peter <peter at beetlebolt.com> 6/15/2008 12:59 PM >>>
After months of testing, I made our edubuntu thin client system live
and it froze ... twice... and I can't figure out why.

We're using Edubuntu 7.10.
We're running a dell poweredge, 2.8ghz p4 (I'm sure it's a 2.something
p4), 1gb ram,  raid 1 array of 200GB+ with 5 clients (1ghz p3, 256MB
ram).  All 10/100 network equipment.

When any of the clients boot and log in, it's fast...so nice and fast.
But after the system has been running a few hours and students begin
to use it (and I'm not there). It freezes hard. I *think* it freezes
hard b/c I haven't tested pinging it when it's down. But it doens't
reply to anything including ctrl-alt-bkspace, or ctrl-alt-f1. And I
know the /var/log/messages file stops creating --MARK--  entries
during this time. When I find it frozen, there is video, but no
response to mouse or keyboard.

In our tests, we only experimented with 1 client. Could 5 clients
create too much demand on our server? I recently installed the ssl
update and rebuilt the images...could I have done something wrong
there? And one more detail: we're posting our username-password info
per computer...it's conceivable that one user might be getting signed
in more than once. Would that do it? Or how about using Adobe Flash 9?

thx so much,
Bard High School Early College

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