7.10 Server freezing

dbclinton dbclin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 18:50:47 BST 2008

I can certainly rule out two of your potential problems: your hardware
configuration should easily work for five clients (I've done it on a
very similar system) and logging in a user more than once should not
freeze the system (although it can have an interesting effect on the
first desktop's functionality).
Good luck,
David Clinton

On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 12:59 -0400, Peter wrote:
> After months of testing, I made our edubuntu thin client system live
> and it froze ... twice... and I can't figure out why.
> We're using Edubuntu 7.10.
> We're running a dell poweredge, 2.8ghz p4 (I'm sure it's a 2.something
> p4), 1gb ram,  raid 1 array of 200GB+ with 5 clients (1ghz p3, 256MB
> ram).  All 10/100 network equipment.
> When any of the clients boot and log in, it's fast...so nice and fast.
> But after the system has been running a few hours and students begin
> to use it (and I'm not there). It freezes hard. I *think* it freezes
> hard b/c I haven't tested pinging it when it's down. But it doens't
> reply to anything including ctrl-alt-bkspace, or ctrl-alt-f1. And I
> know the /var/log/messages file stops creating --MARK--  entries
> during this time. When I find it frozen, there is video, but no
> response to mouse or keyboard.
> In our tests, we only experimented with 1 client. Could 5 clients
> create too much demand on our server? I recently installed the ssl
> update and rebuilt the images...could I have done something wrong
> there? And one more detail: we're posting our username-password info
> per computer...it's conceivable that one user might be getting signed
> in more than once. Would that do it? Or how about using Adobe Flash 9?
> thx so much,
> -peter
> Bard High School Early College
> NY, NY

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