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Mon Jun 9 02:35:51 BST 2008

I have a spare machine and I had heard good things about ubuntu so I decided
to download the latest version and install it.   Oh Boy, did I make a

After trying to start all I receive is this notice GRUB ERROR 15.

I am so tired of GRUB, I know that that message means the GRUB cannot find a
file it needs and I DO NOT want troubleshoot this problem.

I have booted or tried to boot to a floppy with fdisk but I still get that
GRUB message.  Has this boot loader wiped out the MBR on my 500 GB hard
disk?  if not, will someone PLEASE tell me how to remove this albatross from
around my neck and how to get rid of this thing so I may install OpenBSD or
some other OS.  Needless to say, this has not been a good reintroduction to
Linux for me.


Joseph Patrick Ryan

The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your
field - and keep on doing it.
Wilfred A. Peterson
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