Help with installing Edubuntu

alan c aeclist at
Sun Jun 8 18:51:45 BST 2008

Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Jun 2008, daniel wrote:
>> I have Ubuntu 8.04.   I have both Gnome and kde.  Can I have edubuntu
>> too on my PC? If yes how?
> 	sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop

I seemed to find that because edubuntu was gnome it did not form a 
distinct and different session. I started with ubuntu and also kde 
sessions (kubuntu-desktop) and then loaded in edubuntu-desktop, and 
saw I still had session choices as gnome and kde (only). The gnome was 
now edubuntu.

I think this is probably to be expected and it did not bother me, but 
initially I was surprised because I had thought edubuntu could be a 
separate uniques session, but it is gnome afrer all.

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