Use Tftpd with two or more NIC ?

Jean-Francois CLEMENT Jean-Francois.Clement at
Fri Jul 11 10:02:55 BST 2008

I use a cluster with ltsp, since i've discover ltsp with edubuntu  :-)
I wish increase the bandwith with my diskless clients (nodes), so i add
another NIC in the server (1 NIC --> internet (eth0), 2 NIC --> nodes
(eth1 and eth2))

No problem with Dhcpd : INTERFACES="eth1 eth2"   in the file
/etc/default/dhcp3-server and dhcpd listen the 2 NIC

i search much hours without success :'(   for the same solution with the
TFTP server, the tftp server serve only one NIC (eth1 OR eth2) the first
who receive an request and it's locked with this NIC after that.

all clues are very welcome ;-)

best regards all


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