booting thin clients and firestarter

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Jan 31 09:48:02 GMT 2008

Hi David

DB Clinton wrote:
> I completely uninstalled Firestarter (including the config settings) but
> the clients are still getting hung early in the boot process ("no ip
> address"). I suspect that the system is still using the dhcpd.conf file
> in dhcp3 rather than the dhcpd.conf in ltsp (although I've remarked-out
> the authoritative from the dhcp3 version). If that's the case, how would
> I reset that and what other conf files might need changes?
> Also: does anyone have any idea why I can't boot clients with Firestarter?

I've had a similar problem with Firestarter before. How did you remove
it with configs? Did you do a apt-get --purge remove firestarter? IIRC,
Firestarter used to mangle configuration files on installation. Not sure
if it still does that. Have you tried dropping your iptables rules, or
seeing what the result is when doing a port scan with nmap from another


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