thin client manager

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at
Sun Jan 27 09:09:47 GMT 2008

Charles Austin kirjoitti:

> Done.

Should everything work in TCM? This is what I did. I did follow Wiki-page.

Edubuntu Classroom Server 8.04 Alpha 3 x86_84...

1.  Everything else works expect x11vnc (execute, message, blank, un-blank).

2.  I can share my server desktop (as user ltsp) to a client (as user 
ltsp001) by TCM.

3. I can share client (as user ltsp001) to server desktop by vncviewer.

4. But. X11Vnc seems not to work for me _inside_ TCM, without TCM yes.

And I think problem is not Alpha 3/x86_64...

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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