FreeNX connect to Edubuntu

David Trask dtrask at
Fri Jan 25 21:48:22 GMT 2008

"Jim Kronebusch" <jim at> writes:
>So I tested with nxclient from Linux and the No machine windows client
>and things worked
>beautiful.  I too ran into the keyboard map problems with OSX and haven't
>messed around
>with it anymore than that.  

Here's one thing that works....even though it's a pain in the *ss. 
Connect via OS X using the NX client.  Once open....suspend that
session....then log back into that session with the client and the
keyboard mappings and colors will be fine.  (logging in twice kinda'
sucks, but at least it will work).  To test....log in via OS X
client....try typing something....I used KTouch.  Suspend....log back up the same app and try again....this time it'll work fine. not terminate or "log out".

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