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Uwe Geercken uwe.geercken at
Fri Jan 25 19:42:38 GMT 2008

as we are from multiple countries, different cultures and of different  
mother language - mine is german - one can also expect that sometimes  
what you read is not exactly what the writer meant. as english is not  
my mother tongue, this happen e.g. then on the other hand people can  
misunderstand thinsg or might even have a bad day. who hasn't I would  
like to say.

we need to understand each other, forgive each other and try to  
concentrate on what we have in common and shre in this group: our  
passion for linux and the will to help each other, whoever it might be  
and whereever she or he might be.

a nice evening to you all.


Zitat von Daniel Kahn Gillmor < at>:

> On Mon 2008-01-21 12:25:49 -0500, Richard Doyle wrote:
>> Gavin is perhaps the most generous contributor of time and expertise
>> to this list. His comment was really quite mild, as such things
>> go. A more appropriate response would have been to either ignore the
>> comment or laugh it off.
> While i agree with the assessment of Gavin's generosity, i don't think
> it's worthwhile or effective to tell someone else what they should or
> should not be upset by.
> The fact is: btabor was upset by Gavin's remark, and let the list know
> so that we could as a group be aware of the effect the remark had.
> Thank you, btabor, for speaking up, and thank you Gavin, for
> apologizing for the remark which had a harsher effect than intended.
> On Mon 2008-01-21 12:25:49 -0500, Richard Doyle also wrote:
>> It is your responsibility to adapt to the culture of the list, not
>> the other way around.
> It saddens me that someone could bring reasonable questions and a
> mild, polite demeanor to this list and be asked to change their
> behavior or get lost.  That is emphatically not the culture i've come
> to expect from ubuntu or edubuntu.
> I'm glad to see that the wider group *is* capable of adapting to a
> non-threatening culture where new users are made to feel welcome, and
> can learn in a friendly fashion from the more experienced users.
> I don't want to see edubuntu become yet another secret geek clubhouse.
> I want it to empower schools to really own and control the technology
> they use.  This means listening when people are upset, and adjusting
> accordingly to make this a welcoming space.
> Regards,
>     --dkg

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