minimum requirements, will it work?

Ismael Farfán Estrada sulfurfff at
Tue Jan 22 13:44:07 GMT 2008

Hi, I would like to ask whether someone has used pentium2 with
32M of shared video RAM.

I remember readding somewhere that you could use a 486 with
16M of RAM and that 32M of RAM woul be OK, but I may be wrong.

Also I read (wich is the past of read?) that you need about 50M of
RAM per client...

But now I see that edubuntu sais the minimum is 64 of client RAM
and 150M of RAM per client.

I have 18 computer with 32M of shared RAM and a server with 2G
of RAM. Do you think it may work? Will it be a failiure?

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