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for 2 Month now the same problem.
The changes in:
Are still not taken for the client. As I was used to form the nfs-script
under Feisty.

So where can I put in the -p 1068 Option for the Client to boot?
The First dhcp-Request and booting works fine. But when configuring the
Network Card for the 2nd time, the normal Port 67/68 is taken again.

The hint below didn't get me any further. - The break was not made.
I wrote 
Bread="top" in the ltsp-nbd Script and - als always in the ltsp-nbd Script -
no effect after:
-sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 update-initramfs -u

What else do I have to do ?????

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On Di, 2008-01-15 at 00:30 +0100, Anton Kaser wrote:
> But the changes in ltsp-nbd seemed to be ignored.
> How can I be sure, the ltsp-nbd Script is taken für the update??
you can boot with the kerneloption break= in your pxe config file 
where the values are either "top", "premount" or "bottom" for the
different breakpoints the initramfs offers. it will give you a busybox
shell to examine the system in the initramfs ....

(another way that requires good timing is to shut down inetd right after
the tftp image was recieved and before the nbd device gets mounted ...
and just wait until the mount fails (thats similar to break=bottom) ...)


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