Advice on getting a computer lab server

Uwe Geercken uwe.geercken at
Tue Jan 15 07:17:23 GMT 2008


this afternoon I will run the first tests with about 6 kids (12/13  
years old). I preconfigured the server at home and have tested some  
games also. my kids e.g. like to play frozen-bubble. they are really  
crazy about it. at the end of the last year, I made a competition with  
them and bought some (small) prices. the winner was the one who got to  
the highest level. they will also be able to play against each other  
now - that will be fun...

other than that, I showed them the basic stuff like moving and copying  
files, creating directories, etc. we made some gimp sessions (to  
manipulate pictures for a calendar 2008) and we did some  
word-processing. I want to continue with them in this direction and  
end at scribus, so that we are able to create our own flyer to show  
what we are doing in the linux course.

I really like to work with the kids. surprisingly I have more girls  
than boys. they are open to new things they learn things quickly and  
they do it in their free time.

I will send a summary tonight hopefully, latest tomorrow. I have  
created the documentation about the server componentes and how it was  
built (18 pages), but it is in german for the moment. I need to find  
some time to re-write it in english...



Quoting Joseph Hartman <jlhartman at>:

> Hi Uwe,
> That new setup sounds great! I'm mostly just interested in your own opinions
> of the new lab. Is it as fast as you thought it would be? Are you happy with
> the performance? Are the kids happy with the speed and responsiveness of the
> machines? What kind of programs are you running with them? Just general
> answers will suffice for me right now I think. Eventually I'll really do the
> dirty work and maybe post again on what I'm thinking about getting and for
> how much $$$.
> Also, I wanted to thank everyone else on the list who responded to my
> queries. I'm delighted to make contact with some other people in situations
> similar to mine and I'm sorry I have not responded until now. Between my
> wife's birthday and the Chargers game on Sunday my weekend was pretty
> booked. (I hope there aren't too many Indianapolis fans on the list, you
> guys will always have 2007). Thanks again everyone, see you at CUE or SCaLE
> if you make it! Oh, and I've already RSVPd for the Shuttleworth talk in San
> Francisco in March if anyone else is going. Cheers -joe

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