Killing user on logout / Nautilus 100% CPU trouble / Mac

Carl Olof Englund realdiskdoc at
Thu Jan 10 14:38:22 GMT 2008

Still having problems with Nautilus (and frozen-bubble today, although it was 
not running on the desktop when I investigated) using 100% cpu. Gnome 
Watchdog isn't in the AMD64 repositories and killing stuff every night just 
doesn't cut it, when the all terminals are dog slow during the day. I guess 
what could be possible is to kill all the current users processes when/after 
he/she logs out.

How do I do that? Something in gdm/xsession-files..? skill -u %u or something 
of the sort?

The best fix would be to have a program or script running on the server, 
killing nautilus (and other processes) if it's been using on average 
95-100%/5min CPU.  Or what do you think?

On another note, thanks for all the feedback on the Powerpc client setup! I 
haven't gotten to it yet but the LiveCD-solution seems easy enough. Better 
than having to install the whole server on the client anyway.

/ Carl

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- Kallak, leader of the royal mystics

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