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I have all my users in an ldap and the conneckt the edubuntu server to tht
ldap server.
A also have all the users home on the server ant mount that katalogs to
home on the edu server.


this is how you install your ldap server but the clinet part in this howto
i wrong if you using 7.10 then use this how to inseted to connect the
clinet mashine.


Test so that the clinet have connecktion to the server and then proceed to
using nfs.

Here is an howto how to use NFS

U must have a program so that you can manage your users in the ldap server.
Webmin i very simpel and good in this.

// matte

On Mon, December 31, 2007 14:10, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, Charles Austin wrote:
>> I have a mix of thin client and thick clients for Edubuntu 7.10.  I
>> would like to have the thick clients authenticate and mount the user's
>> home directory from the server.
>> I am guessing that LDAP and Samba is the best way to do this, but I am
>> thoroughly confused at the moment.
> It doesn't really help you with your LDAP issues but I would say LDAP +
> is probably a better choice.  Samba is really meant for connecting unix
> and windows, whereas NFS is designed for unix and unix.
> Gavin
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