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asmo.koskinen at asmo.koskinen at
Fri Feb 29 07:39:59 GMT 2008

> does this mean its written in .net?

It uses Mono.

asmok at ubuntu:~$ apt-cache showpkg likewise-open
4.0.0-1likewise1 - libc6 (2 2.6-1) libcomerr2 (2 1.33-3) libkrb53 (2
1.6.dfsg.1) libldap2 (2 2.1.17-1) libpam0g (2 libuuid1 (0
(null)) libpam-runtime (2 0.76-13.1) libpam-modules (0 (null))
mono-runtime (2 1.2.3) libmono-winforms2.0-cil (0 (null)) krb5-user (0
(null)) libldap2 (0 (null)) libkrb53 (0 (null)) perl (0 (null))
domain-lsa-service (0 (null)) domain-lsa-service (0 (null))

I found this one, too:

"SADMS takes care of handling configuration files to achieve the the
integration (joining) of Linux hosts to an ActiveDirectory domain"

In here Finland most schools uses Windows-environment. Mr Gates has done
recently two moves with help of Mr Vanhanen (PM) to keep finnish pupils on
the Windows-environment. First was Edu at Live and second one was DreamSpark.
So we really need here tools like these, if we want schools to try Linux
and  then keep using them.

But...something is happening here
But you don't know what it is
Do you... Mr Gates

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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