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Thu Feb 28 15:48:15 GMT 2008

Anyone using this already with fat clients?

"UWN: Many businesses use Active Directory or some form of LDAP
extensively. How is the Windows AD integration coming along for Hardy and
what are the future plans?

Thanks to the great work from Jerry Carter producing likewise-open, and of
Rick Clark packaging it in Ubuntu, the package has been uploaded just
before Feature Freeze. On Ubuntu desktop, it provides a graphical
interface to integrate into AD, while on Ubuntu Server Edition a single
command line will allow the joining. Once this is done, all
authentications are seamlessly redirected to AD.

It looks good at fulfilling its promise of very easy integration into an
AD domain, but it now needs some extensive testing before 8.04 is
released. If you have access to an AD domain and can run a few tests with
Hardy, now is the right time to do so and it is a great way to contribute
to Ubuntu Server Edition. "

Likewise Open for Ubuntu 7.10:

I do not have AD here where I am right now, but program itself seems fine.

asmok at ubuntu:/opt/likewise-open/bin$ file DomainJoin.exe
DomainJoin.exe: MS-DOS executable PE  for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386
32-bit Mono/.Net assembly
asmok at ubuntu:/opt/likewise-open/bin$

Very promising service for mixed WindowsAD/Hardy networks.

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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