creating fat 'thin' clients with ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Feb 26 14:35:55 GMT 2008

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 11:26:12 -0500, Jim Kronebusch wrote
> On Sat, 23 Feb 2008 18:29:47 +0100, David Van Assche wrote
> > forwarded from private conversation in case there is interest:
> > 
> > Ok,
> >    so after pointing out some of my syntatic errors in the wiki, I made some
> > changes, namely, adding 2 lines in the nfs mount part (because currently all
> > the RCFILENN= get executed BEFORE many of the vital startup functions, like
> > portmap and nfs-mount)... which brings me to a fully working chroot... the
> > other issue was that gdm needs the right permissions... for some reason it
> > cannot be started from any old user by default, which is sort of irrelevant
> > for the startup sequence since it's started from root... but I had to create
> > another RCFILENN= with a call to startup gdm, since it refuses to startup
> > from the regular scripts. A terrible hack, but it works!
> > 
> >    Anyway, the result is, I get a wonderful gdm login screen with a
> > selection list of all my ldap users (much nicer than regular ltsp) with
> > FULLY working flash, java, sound usb sticks and other local devices... it
> > even loads faster than regular ltsp... but maybe thats on my fatted up
> > clients and the fact its xfce...
> > 
> > Anyway, I've updated the wiki which is here:
> >
> Thanks for the update David.  I'll run the additions through the paces today 
> and post back if I have any problems.
> One note, I'll likely need to change my GDM configuration so that all the 
> users don't show up with a selection.  Picking from 500 users or so would be a 
> little annoying.  But that should be an easy mod.

Well, I'm slowly driving myself insane here :-)

With edubuntu-desktop installed I get a bunch of errors depending on the machine I boot.
 But mostly I have a problem with X not starting.  I pretty much have the same problem
with xubuntu-desktop installed as well.  It can't write the /root/.Xauthority file.  I
assume this is because the chroot is read only.  Is there a step missing in the wiki
about permission changes in the chroot to make this work?

If you have any other tips please let me know.  


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