LTSP - Server AMD64, Thin Clients i386

operationsengineer1 at operationsengineer1 at
Sun Feb 17 19:55:54 GMT 2008

hi all,

i was able to get my server's dhcp up and running 
after my reinstall.  my thin client had a problem 
accessing a file because it wasn't there...


i did some googling and i think the problem is that
my server is amd64 and my clients are i386.  the
solution presented was to run...

ltsp-build-client --arch i386

is this accurate?  do i just go into the server's
command line and run this?  do i need internet
access for this to work (the lab doesn't have
internet access)?

can anyone help me proceed?  i think i'm pretty
close to getting this school lab up and running.



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