How turn off LDM_DIRECTX

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Feb 12 17:13:32 GMT 2008

This seems like a silly question to me, but I am having trouble turning off LDM_DIRECTX
to do some testing.  If I remember right I should simply be able to set in lts.conf
LDM_DIRECTX=False instead of True, and things should work.  I could swear I did this
plenty before for testing, but now when I do so I cannot log a user into a client.  I
simply get booted back to the log in screen as if my credentials were incorrect.

So could someone just verify for me that setting LDM_DIRECTX=False is the correct way so
I can move on and not think I'm crazy anymore.

As a side note, the reason I want to do this again is to test Wine.  I have installed
Wine on the Edubuntu 7.04 server and if I run from a NX Client, or from the server, Wine
works perfectly.  If I run it from a client, it boots me out into a log in screen.  So I
am wondering if the DIRECTX is messing things up.


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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