Bolt on LCD Monitor LTSP Terminal

Casey Mynott cmynott at
Thu Feb 7 17:46:56 GMT 2008

Hello all,

I am doing up a proposal for my school district in regards to getting
funds to setup some terminals in my classroom. What I am looking for is a
terminal that bolts to the back of a 19" LCD monitor that can run LTSP. I
want to show case how awesome the technology is but at the same time
making the setup look as clean and cutting edge as possible. I have seen
these "bolt on" terminals but have found very few with any positive
experiences. So, the question, have you had any experiences (good or bad)
with these types of LTSP terminals. If you have had any experience I would
love to hear about it. Thanks for your time.

Casey Mynott
cmynott at
Technology Education
Delta Secondary School, BC, Canada
Phone: 604-946-4194 
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