LTSP Thin Client Problem

operationsengineer1 at operationsengineer1 at
Fri Feb 8 02:30:34 GMT 2008

hi, all. thanks for the help that allowed me to construct the boot cds based on my thin client's NIC - i think i got them to work.

however, i now have a problem - i'm not able to get an ip address.

one computer hangs up with...

"Searching for server (DHCP) .... No IP Address" ("No IP Address" just repeats on a new line from there)

Another computer hangs with...

"Probing PCI NIC
Valid link not established" (which keeps repeating).

i unplugged my switch too see if it needed resetting, the problem remained.

does this sound like a switch issue?

can i test to make sure dhcp is working on my fresh edubuntu install?

is my boot cd really working and how can i verify it?

any other troubleshooting guidance is greatly appreciated.


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