request for some help with performance and sound

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at
Wed Feb 6 07:08:13 GMT 2008

Patrick McKnight kirjoitti:
> Thanks for your help.  I intend to tackle the video problem tomorrow
> morning.  It seems that the driver might be the issue.

I really do not know if this helps anything on LTSP5, but here is one 
newer compiled via driver for LTSP 4.2. We use it on Ubuntu 6.06/LTSP 
4.2 with the HP t5135 on the one school. I did not compiled it, friend 
of mine did. He got  a page in finnish for that driver/t5330:

Driver is not on that page, but I got it here:

My lts.conf (LTSP 4.2) for that driver: (in finnish, sorry)

I have tested little Ubuntu 7.10/LTSP5 with HP t5135 (via-based) and did 
not find anything really bad: (in finnish, sorry)

I have found that if you got good client (PC) by hardware for LTSP5 and 
use Windows DHCP-server, you do not need lts.conf and dhcpd.conf. There 
is literally nothing to do - LTSP5 just works. We use that kind of 
combination on my office, where is lots of XP-machines. We use this one 
(PC) as thin client:

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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