Thin clients partially loading

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Sat Feb 2 11:11:05 GMT 2008


On Fri, 01 Feb 2008, Joseph Hartman wrote:

> Following Gavin's suggestions I tried setting the color depth and got no
> change. Then I erased the "splash" and "quiet" and after the verbose startup
> messages got a final message that said something about how display could not
> be shown at 44100 Hz and it was going down to 44099 Hz. 

44100Hz sounds like a sound error so that's probably not the one we need.
I know it's tedious, but could you look through the errors and type them
into an email.  

Does the screen go completely blank, change to something else, or does the
error sit there? 

I'd suggest you set the root password on the thin clients as described

then you can press <ctrl><alt><F1> and get a shell on the thin client.

It sounds like either 
 - X is starting correctly but the monitor is not being detected (your
   forum post mentions that the problem depends on the monitor) 
 - X is dying

The file /var/log/Xorg.0.log will probably provide some feedback
information on what X is doing.  A failure error at the end would indicate
X dying.  A monitor detection issue could probably be fixed by adding a few
parameters to lts.conf.

Could you tell us what the video card is by giving us the output of the
	"lspci -v"

> After writing the above post I was able to calm down and get Gutsy to work
> on the Fujitsu-Siemens boxes after putting an AGP card into them, but I only
> had about 6 AGP cards and 25 boxes so now I can use the other 19 as servers
> too. 

Okay, so it's a problem relating to the video card, but you need to tell us
what the video card is so we can work out what might be wrong. 

> Too bad I won't get the faster thin client boot with these machines
> though. Well I guess I'm in pretty good shape for now and I've read that
> some improvements in xserver and monitor recognition or something are
> coming with Hardy so hopefully when the time comes I can upgrade all the
> machines to Hardy and be done with it. Thanks again for helping -joe

Don't give up on gutsy -- it just seems like a detection issue which we can
fix by adding a little info to lts.conf.  Also, if you happen to have an
awkward piece of hardware that's revealing a bug, it might not be fixed in
hardy unless we work it now. 

Give us the lspci output and look for [EE] lines in /var/log/Xorg.0.log on
the thin client (if you know you could scp it off the thin client and
attach it to an email).


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