Local devices vs. Gutsy

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Fri Feb 1 01:35:33 GMT 2008

On Wed, January 9, 2008 7:02 am, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 09 Jan 2008, Richard Doyle wrote:
>> Everything, including usb drives, is working well now,
> As someone who hasn't yet put gutsy into production, this is most
> reassuring.  So you just had to fix the thin clients color depth in
> lts.conf and fix the USB keys as in this thread?  Anything else?

I am trying to make usb keychains work with 7.10.  I have followed this


and have removed this line env['DISPLAY'] = 'localhost:10.0'
from  /usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter.  My clients are booting with LDM=directx in
lts.conf.  I can mount multiple USB keychains, but when I try to unmount I
get the following error

umount: /media/labsta1/usbdisk-sdb1 is not in the fstab (and you are not

I am not sure what to modify.  In my user settings, each user has
permission to user fuse filesystems.

> Gavin


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