Eee Box B202 works with LTSP 5

Thierry Munoz thierry.munoz at
Mon Dec 8 22:34:18 GMT 2008

We have bought an Eee Box (with XP unfortunately...) and it works as a 
thin client booting with PXE under Ubuntu 8.04.1 .
But when I shutdown, it's impossible to switch on the PC by pressing 
again the on button : I have to unplug and plug to make it.
The booting over the lan seems to work every other time (it works one 
time, it doesn't work the other time) : but I have to go further into 
the configuration of lts.conf.
In spite of these annoyances, I think we could buy other Eee Boxes 
provided that they come without XP to use as thin clients...



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