random clients stall out at Error: Ioctl/1.1a failed: Bad file descriptor

Tom Wolfe twolfe at sawback.com
Fri Dec 5 17:09:50 GMT 2008

Hi again,

I'm now having problems with a few seemingly random clients that do not 
boot up but fail at the following:

on tty8:
* Starting basic networking
* Starting kernel event manager
* Loading hardware drivers
* Loading kernel modules
* Loading manual drivers
* Setting up LTSP Client
Disconnecting: que, disconnect, sock, done
[	27.484772] nbd0: Receive control failed (result -32)

on tty1:
IP-Config: eth0 hardware address ... etc. etc.

address: broadcast: netmask:
gateway: dns0: dns1:
domain: morleyschool.ed
rootserver: rootpath: /opt/ltsp/i386
filename: /ltsp/i386/nbi.img
Negotiation: ..size = 156428KB
bs=1024, sz=156428
Kernel call returned: Broken pipe Reconnecting
Negotiation: ..size = 156428KB
Error: Ioctl/1.1a failed: Bad file descriptor

I get the tty1 error on all machines even ones that succeed in booting up 
(I'm using one of those right now in fact). But the ones that fail stop 
with the message above (tty8). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or 
reason to which clients fail -- for example, a few Dell Optiplex GX115 
work, a few don't; a few IBM Netvista work, a few don't.

Any advice?

Tom Wolfe

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