School in Swindon considering going Linux!

alan c aeclist at
Wed Dec 3 11:11:17 GMT 2008

alan c wrote:
> Dermot Mc Laughlin wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have only recently subscribed to this list and have been impressed with
>> the level of support that it has provided. I am the head of Business Studies
>> and ICT at Greendown Community school in Swindon and I'm also charged with
>> ICT Strategic Management. I'm new to the job and have a little bit of Linux
>> experience. I have talked to the schools senior leaders and the network
>> manager here and people are certainly interested in the school
>> clients/servers being switched to open source (for cost reasons initially).
>> In fact, I'm slowly introducing the idea to staff and students already.
>> The network manager and I would love to come by to meet up with people on
>> this list to discuss feasibility. Can you let me know when the next such
>> event is happening? We would need a fair bit of help getting ourselves
>> skilled up and we would be regular posters on this list.
>> Thank you,
>> Dermot Mc Laughlin
> Hi Dermot
> Welcome!
> I am in bracknell, and although I am not skilled at edubuntu use in 
> particular, I am a regular user of ubuntu and edubuntu (workstations), 
> and I would be happy to assist in some of my free time.
> May I suggest that you consider also to joint the UK ubuntu users list?
> ubuntu-uk at

Since the time of the original post, there have been offers of help 
from people local to Swindon on the above list (ubuntu-uk), so it will 
be worth while you joining that list.
alan cocks
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