Hardy - AMD64 server and i386 thin clients

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hi Paul,

i tried this and failed miserably - it delayed my successful install for at least 3 months.  it wasn't until i learned my amd64 h/w server allowed me to install the i386 version of edubuntu that it all came together nicely.  my guess is the difference is negligible since most programs aren't coded for 64-bit, unless you want to have more than 4 gigs of ram.

you have to deal with all the, "oh, that howto doesn't work, since it is for i386, and there are no 64-bit howto" issues.  my friend had non stop printer problems where i386 setup howtos were plentiful, but not amd64 setup howtos.

of course, your needs and point of view may differ, i'm just offering up my 2 cents.


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Has anyone got a 64bit server with i386 clients working? I tried this in Feisty and in Gusty but had no joy. In fact, the only setup that I have had working well (all i386) has been with Feisty.

Now that Hardy is out I would like to upgrade and finally be able to enjoy all the new goodies. So can I now run a 64bit server with i386 clients?  If it is possible can anyone please give me some pointers so as to ensure I make a success of it. In the past, everything appeared to install correctly but the thin clients just would not boot. Yet all these thin clients boot perfectly with Feisty.

Thank you,

Paul Thompson

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