Gnash Flash on LTSP Clients

infiniti_guy infiniti_guy at
Wed Apr 23 05:19:59 BST 2008

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 Beta amd64 with ltsp-server and standalone
5.0.40~brz5 and firefox 64 bit (have version and 3 beta 5). I have
a problem with flash on the clients and have read others that have flash
working on their clients, and am trying to figure out how.
I installed gnash (apt-get install mozilla-plugins-gnash) and it works
(haven't tested you-tube, one step at a time, basic stuff first) on my
server directly, but not on the thin clients. Is that normal? How do I get
it to work on my clients? (BTW, I tested it with amd64 client build and i386
client build with no luck, so that's not it).
I even tried removing all the 3 Beta version stuff and created the default
link (/usr/bin/firefox) to point to firefox-2 (version 2 binary) and tried
it, with no luck.
I know how to install a 32 bit version of firefox and use the adobe plugin,
but I am trying to avoid that for performance. And I suppose I could figure
out how to run firefox locally on the client (I should have the processing
power to do that), but is there a way to get gnash to work on the clients
when installed o the 64bit server with 64 bit firefox?
Thanks :-)
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