LTSP Local Device Problems

infiniti_guy infiniti_guy at
Wed Apr 23 05:19:59 BST 2008

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 Beta amd64 on Xeon Quad Core with all package
updates (including ltsp-server and standalone 5.0.40~brz5). I am having a
couple problems with the LTSP thin clients with respect to local devices
(usb flash drives), that I was hoping one of you could lend some help :-)
1) When using amd64 client build (on a 64bit client) I can't get local
devices to work at all.
2) When using i386 build, I can get them to work, but only if I specify
"allow_root" or "allow_others" in the fuse.conf file. Is there an
explanation on the fuse.conf file somewhere, and what its purpose is? Am I
supposed to change this configuration in the fuse.conf file for local
devices? (I tried man fuse, man fuse.conf with no results, so I assume it
doesn't exist.)
3) When the local device is recognized, it shows up on ALL desktops for all
users, but only the user with the usb stick on his/her client can actually
view and read the files. But for the other users, they see the local device
on the desktop and gnome automatically tries to open it in nautilus which
results in an error message. With many users, I can predict this will be
beyond annoying. Is there any way to make it so that the local device shows
up ONLY on the desktop/workspace for the user than actually has the usb
4) Still using the i386 client builds... when I specify LDM_DIRECTX=True in
the lts.conf file (/var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386), the local devices (usb
flash drives) are no longer recognized and do not appear. Is this a bug? Or
is there something I am missing to allow this to work?
Thanks in advance for your help :-) 
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