Blank Screen after Progress bar

Damian Piotr Melniczuk 146343 at
Wed Apr 30 08:27:16 BST 2008

Ralph Perez napisał(a):
> I have a IBM x3650 server and installed x64 Ubuntu.  The computer loads and the ubuntu bar starts, then goes to a black screen.  I can hit "Alt-Ctrl-F1" and get to the command prompt.  I have changed the xorg.conf driver to "Vesa" and that didn't work.  I booted from recovery from Grub and did the fix xorg and still same issue.  Any ideas.  Since this is a server, I do not need the closed driver.
It looks similar to my problem with one difference - I can't get into
command prompt:
As far I have no idea how to solve this problem.

Damian "Czubek" Melniczuk

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