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Thank for this plugin, I have testing on Ubuntu Hardy RC and one correction
the powerdev group have missing in /etc/group on Hardy
this ligne "chroot $ROOT usermod -G
admin,adm,dialout,cdrom,floppy,audio,dip,plugdev,scanner,powerdev $TMP"
do "chroot $ROOT usermod -G
admin,adm,dialout,cdrom,floppy,audio,dip,plugdev,scanner $TMP"

a machine with 512Mo and Amd Turion, this LTSP environment run very well


2008/4/8, Michael Rickmann <mrickma at gwdg.de>:
> Hallo everybody,
> I am new to this list and relatively new to edubuntu. I am really
> impressed by
> the capabilities of ltsp5. Since we have a very mixed assortment of
> computers we got interested in creating fat thin clients. With the help of
> David Van Assche's documentation at
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients we tried to
> build
> a plugin as outlined in the LTSPFatClients scope at
> https://wiki.edubuntu.org/LTSPFatClients. It really works !!!
> I try to attach my script to this mail if it does not work you find it as
> http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~mrickma/edubuntu/030-workstation.gz .
> My script provides a localized and fairly complete setup for Ubuntu /
> Kubuntu
> desktops with nfs-client capabilitly. It is meant as a starting point for
> integrating a network information service and mounting user homes.
> Personally
> I use a semi-secured smbldap setup with additional automount maps in ldap.
> But the ldap / nis setups are rather variable, so integrating them into
> the
> script is not really sensible.
> Copy the 030-workstation file to
> usr/share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/Ubuntu and call ltsp-build-client
> with the   --workstation dist1[,dist2]   flag, where dist1 and dist2 can
> be
> Ubuntu or Kubuntu currently. If you wish to have both desktops
> chose --workstation Ubuntu,Kubuntu , the other way around will not work
> well
> as gnome's fast-user-switch-applet does not like kdm. And !!! chose a
> mirror
> close to you, it really saves time. This morning i built an image with
> ltsp-build-client --arch i386 --chroot gnomek-i386 --mirror
> http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/linux/debian/ubuntu/ --workstation Ubuntu,Kubuntu
> Then I upgraded by hand and rebuilt using
> ltsp-update-image -a gnomek-i386 -p 2003 .
> Regards
> Michael
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