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Cindy Livengood cmlivengood at
Tue Apr 15 21:46:17 BST 2008

Dear List Members,

It seemed fitting that I should introduce myself to the list.  I am Cindy
Livengood in Texas.  I am a teacher but I am also a department chair and I
manage a good deal of data and information for my school.

Our school district runs on Windows Servers, but I plan to install the
Edubuntu on the server I will be running out of my classroom, so there won't
be any support from the district IT personnel.

I was wondering if there is a version of Ubuntu Server with the wiki already
installed in it?  So it would be a LAMP+W?  I noticed there was a call for
suggestions.  I would think that including the Wiki in the bundle would be a
great idea.

I need things to be as simple as possible with as much of it already done as
possible so that I can get stuff going rather quickly, but also so the
learning curve can be spread out over a bit of time.  As it has been with
most things I have done this year in data management, the other schools will
watch and see how it works in our school, and if they like what I do, they
will want me to do it for them as well.  My time is limited between all my
regular teaching duties, departmental duties, and so on!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  Feel free to email to me

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