Plan B Edubuntu Terminal Server Install Problem

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Tue Apr 15 20:56:38 BST 2008

Thanks db and Gavin,

i have other old computers that also don't connect.  i think i need to 

1. make sure the switch is working correctly
2. make sure the dhcp on the server is working correctly.

can anyone help with troubleshooting ideas?  i do have a winxp laptop that i could use.  i could even boot off of a dsl linux cd, if that will help.

i will try resetting the switch if it turns out i can't get my laptop to connect.

i do believe that i'm getting a link light, although i will double check. 

there is only one nic card on the server and on on the client.

thanks for the info on the bios issue.  i will give it a shot - and that will give me another test computer, too.


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> i think this could either be a romomatic problem (perhaps i didn't create the boot disk correctly), a software configuration problem or a nic compatibility problem.

If you have another NIC available, perhaps you could try troubleshooting
with that. I had one older client (PII 500) that I simply gave up on
when it refused to boot to the network (returning an similar error
message to yours) despite trying at least three different NICs. I
suspect that the BIOS was somehow the culprit.
You might also want to reset your switch just in case that's an issue (it was once for me).
I assume that you've successfully booted other clients to this server...
Good luck

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