[K12OSN] Poor flash performance solved

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	I have tried this and I also have LDM_Directx running. It was
working fine with K12ltsp6 and edubuntu feisty. Now with Hardy it is
jerky again. I think the graphic driver is wrong because everything is
slow not just flash. How can I troubleshoot and fix this? 
	On 07/04/ 2008, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 at gmail.com> wrote: 

		Have others tried this? Are there any other tricks
needed to make it work for all users?
		On 04/04/2008, William Fragakis <william at fragakis.com>

			Finally figured out (and sorry if I've
discovered the obvious) how to
			resolve the issue of the new version of Flash
working so poorly on my
			thin clients.
			This latest version includes hardware
acceleration which is a great idea
			for stand alone desktops with average to modern
graphics cards. It's a
			rotten idea on a low powered thin client.
			Right click a Flash animation and you'll get a
menu of options. Choose
			"Settings" near the bottom.
			In settings, the first pane (the leftmost) has
the option for hardware
			acceleration. By default, it is checked. Uncheck
it and restart your
			If you've tried this version before and reverted
to 9.0.48, you'll see
			the tab for the display pane but won't be able
to access the dialogue.
			And even reverting, you may experience poor
performance (it was driving
			me nuts).
			Note: some Flash files disable the ability to
change settings. If you
			can't access a menu, go to a different web site,
e.g. adobe.com
			Hope this helps someone.
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			K12OSN at redhat.com
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	Will this work for other flash applications? We have an app that
calls the flash player to display the program thought http and even
though it works great on the server, it's performance is terrible on the
thin clients. If you can change the settings in firefox will they work
universally for that user is the question I guess. And is there a way to
make that the default for all users?

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