Fat client with NFS / setup problems

Carl Olof Englund realdiskdoc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 18:08:11 BST 2008

I have a working thin client setup using Edubuntu, now trying to set up a fat 
client system. I will be using LDAP to authenticate but right now the problem 
is just getting the NFS mounts and client image right.

I'd like to thank Michael Richmann for sharing his work on setting up fat 
clients! I've experimented using the 030-workstation script you provided, but 
haven't yet arrived at a workning fat client-solution.

Using Richmanns ltsp-plugin/script it is possible to automatically install a 
full desktop in the client image. You would go on stuffing the image further 
through a chroot. Is this really a good idea? The image would use up a fair 
amount of memory on the clients and would be loaded each time, putting a 
(wasteful?) load on the server.

I'd rather like the / of the fat client to be NFS-mounted, the programs 
running over NFS. As it is now, the whole mounting of unionfs seems 
unneccessary, indeed it makes it difficult to get the NFS-mounts working 
while wasting useful memory on the image.

I tried booting my test-fat-client without initrd.img and nfsroot in the 
kernel options but it fails.. probably initrd contains drivers needed to get 
the system working..?

Can anyone give me a push in the right direction with this?

/ Carl

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- Kallak, leader of the royal mystics

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