Plan B Edubuntu Terminal Server Install Problem

operationsengineer1 at operationsengineer1 at
Sun Apr 13 22:14:54 BST 2008

hi all,

thanks for the advise to install the i386 version of edubuntu on the amd64 terminal server - i didn't realize that could be done (i'm no linux guru).  i installed it fine.  when i tried to connect a client via the romomatic cd, i got the following text to cycle through the screen:

Probing isa nic...
Boot from (N)etwork or (Q)uit?

Probing pci nic...
[eepro100] Ethernet addr 00:A0:09:9F:BF:62
Valid link not established.

i think this could either be a romomatic problem (perhaps i didn't create the boot disk correctly), a software configuration problem or a nic compatibility problem.

i have the computer cabled to a switch and the switch cabled to the terminal server's nic.  what can i do to make sure that the terminal server is ready to receive client requests via the switch?

can anyone provide any insight?  at least i know it isn't an amd64 / intel problem.

also, does anyone know how to bypass a bios password?  one of the clients was donated and nobody knows the bios password so i can't configure it to boot from CD.  i suppose I could unplug the HD, but i'm trying to avoid doing that if there is an easier solution.



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