Recommendations for filtering?

Stephen McCullagh stevemccullagh at
Thu Apr 10 22:01:58 BST 2008

Hi Charles,

Did you restart dhcp after editing /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf ?

sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart


> Thanks for all the quick responses.  I got OpenDNS set up and working.
> Just a mild curiosity.  I changed the DNS settings for the server, and
> in the DHCP conf file (/etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf), but users could still go
> to playboy.  Digs on the server for playboy returned the OpenDNS IPs.
> I also restarted networking, same result.
> Once I rebooted the box, all worked as expected.  Is this a product of
> other users having open Firefox sessions, or did I forget to do
> something that rebooting fixed?
> Charles
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