Recommendations for filtering?

Craig Szymanski cszymanski at
Thu Apr 10 17:06:50 BST 2008

 On Thu, 2008-04-10 at 11:20 -0400, Charles Austin wrote:
> I just received a call from the school principal because a student
> ended up on a graphic porn site after a poorly formed goog
> le search.
> I need to provide some sort of internet filtering as soon as possible,
> or the children will be barred from the computer room permanently.
> I have seen several recommendations in the past.  I am looking for
> something easily implemented, and low maintenance.  I am not concerned
> about "false positives", so the solution does not have to be finely
> tuned.
An easy to implement solution would be All you would have
to do it register your ip address, block the categories you and point
the edubuntu servers primary dns at the open dns servers.

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