2nd Attempt at Setting Up Lab

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Sat Apr 5 17:16:19 BST 2008

operationsengineer1 at yahoo.com wrote:
> hi all,
> i bought a server to convert a bunch of pii 200mhz machines into edubuntu terminals at my kid's school.  however, i didn't quite understand the complexity of using intel based terminals and an amd64 dual core server.  long story short - they wouldn't connect.  this is likely due to my lack of wizardry, however, i'm not trying to be a dual architecture, work through incompatibilities wizard, i'm trying to set up a lab that kids will find useful.
> so, it is on to plan b.  i want to swap out the main board on the server and go with an intel cpu.  are there any "gotchas" i can avoid by picking the right motherboard and cpu?  do intel 64 bit cpus pose a problem?  
> thanks for sharing your insight and experience.
> oe1
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If your server is AMD64 and your clients are 32 bit, you can still use 
the setup to build ltsp images (ltps-build-client) for the 32 bit client 
machines. In fact, I believe there's a page in the wiki on building 
PowerPC clients running off aa64 bit server...I'm a bit tight on time, 
so I cannot search right now...maybe someone else can point to it?

Also make sure your PII machines can PXEboot or are setup for etherboot.


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