How Do I Say Thank You in OSS/FOSS etc?

ivory williams eyewms at
Tue Apr 1 20:52:01 BST 2008

Having been (still am) a volunteer and working with volunteers, sometimes we forget that Thank You's are so  very important, especially in the Open Source/FOSS community. 

I know what is being done is a labor of love (or necessity in some case's) that can't be paid for in dollars (although they help) and often requires long laborious hours, little thanks, and often burn-out, but hopefully in the end provide results such as produced by the OSS/FOSS community. 

So how can I (we) say than you? 
Well at midnight, stop for a moment so I can give an academy award 1 hour speech Thanking All of You, give a you hand shake and pat on the back for all the time, money and frustration you have saved me over the past 25 years I have been computing and for the awards I never received for what I was able to accomplish because of your efforts.

Thanks a world!

And now, for those who are really energized from all the "Thanks and Pats", here's how to design a work space to get out even more work.


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