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Sun Sep 23 21:42:57 BST 2007

sufficient resources (all libraries) necessaries to
configure two computers (using only the resources
available on the CD) to transfer data between them.

  Although, on the Edubuntu Server CD there is all
necessary to configure such communication, but this CD
is used only through installation of the OS on the

  Futhermore, using Samba to communicate the machine
(which has instaled on it the Edubuntu Server) with
one Windows XP machine, appeared an error 
during file transfer: The Samba on the Edubuntu
machine was configured to share the home directory
with the XP machine. This worked well initially 
but after transfered some gigabytes from the XP
machine for the Edubuntu machine, surprisiling the
Edubuntu machine in some moment  "locked". 
After to restart (and even to shutdown) the Edubuntu
machine the ethernet card wasnt recognized any more by
the system!

  I tried also to share on the Win XP machine some of
its directories, but havent success with this. The
system acused the absence of network 
configuration (that I tryed to do). When we are
defining the network configuration for sharing files
on the Win XP, it ask for to excute a 
configuration program (delivered by the XP) on the
other machine, but this isn possible in the case in
which the other is under Linux.

  I would thanks if someone could help me to
understand these things.


--- Emanuel <jeypar at> escreveu:

> Crossover Ethernet Network
> I saw a topic that has the question for which I am
> looking for the answer:
> Normally Samba is referenced as the solution. 
> But, the resources provided (BY THE INSTALATION CD)
> at
> the instalation of the Ubuntu Desktop 7.04 (WITHOUT
> ACCESS TO INTERNET) is sufficient to use Samba to
> configure a crossover ethernet network ?
> I think that not...
> So, is possible for some way to configure a
> Crossover
> Ethernet Network using only the resources provided
> by
> the instalation CD of the Ubuntu Desktop 7.04 or by
> Edubuntu Desktop 7.04 ?:
>  * Network Administration Tool
>  * Network Tools 2.18.0
>  * Nautilus 2.18.1
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