edubuntu ltsp not pretty

Ross Armstrong rossrtfm at
Thu Sep 27 00:31:10 BST 2007

I have installed Edubuntu 7.04 and 6.06 both install quite nicely, but
neither show all LTSP services running, and both won't allow any client
connections.  In fact, the client will not get a DHCP address.

(I did boot the client in to XP and set the IP to the same range as the
client NIC, and I could ping the edubuntu server - all connectivity is

(I did use a boot ROM and did get an IP from a different LTSP server - so
the ROM is good too.)

ltspadmin on 6.06.1 shows all services running except Xdmcp, which is not
installed.  And it doesn't want to install in either version.

Any input would be great.


Ross Armstrong

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